The Scholarship Fundraiser was a success! The crowds flowed in around 6 pm and game tables were open for business.  The buffet line opened, and everyone was happy! The evening was all in fun, raising money for the Middleburg Hts. Chamber Scholarship Fund, which goes to graduating seniors to help defray some of the cost of continuing education.

Comments on the night were positive and did we hear “when we do this next year…” Plans are already in the making for making the Las Vegas Night an annual event!

A big THANK YOU to Gino Antonelli and staff of ACES Grille for hosting the party and putting out one of the best buffet spreads EVER!

A special thank you goes out to Nancy Yovan and Yvonne Pelino for all their hard work and dedication.

Thank you to all the volunteers who worked the ticket counters, walked ticket sales and especially our wonderful dealers.

Len Serio, Our Pit Boss

Dealers:  Joe Bruno, Vinnie LaValle, Pat Percival, Mike McPhee, Jason Willis, Dan Sage

Ticket Sales: Pam Gugiere, Elizabeth Parcel, Lori Fratacelli, Maria Fazio, Maryann Belsito, Rosalie Bruno

Ray Carr, MC of the evening

Frank and Dean, The Rat Pack put on a fantastic show!

Thank you to everyone for your support!