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What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, voluntary organization of people working together to promote positive and productive relations among the businesses in the city and between the community. Established in 1975, the purpose of the Middleburg Heights Chamber is to develop and advance the commercial, industrial, civic, and general interest of the city and its trade area.

Members of the Chamber form a dedicated and aware group of civic-minded business leaders as well as men and women of our local government and community who work together to promote the continual growth and development of Middleburg Heights.

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Dan Zawadzki


Dear Chamber Members:
We’d like to say a special thank you to all of our members who have made the choice to renew
their membership in our Chamber for 2021. And we’d like to encourage everyone else to
consider a renewal for their business. I started my own company in Middleburg Heights in 2006
and immediately joined the Chamber because I simply didn’t know anyone in the local business
community. I felt that if this was going to be the city that I wanted to work in and grow my
business, then I had better get out and meet the people who could help me. I am here today to say
that it worked for me and it can work for you too!

One of the best ways to meet people and promote your business in our community is through
getting involved with ongoing projects in our Chamber. While we, for the time being, can’t hold
group events and do a lot of in-person networking, we do still offer opportunities for our
members to get involved in various ways. We have committees set up right now that could use
your help if you’d like to get involved with the Big Creek Run or perhaps advise us on our
technology options. Who knows who you might meet!
Lastly, look for our first regular monthly members meeting to take place on February 4th, via
zoom. You will be receiving an invitation to the meeting in your email shortly. We look forward
to seeing you there!
All The Best,
-Tim Noe
Noe Financial Services, Inc.
(440) 842-7750

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