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The Middleburg Heights Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit, voluntary organization of people working together to promote positive and productive relations among the businesses in the city and between the community. Established in 1975, the purpose of the Middleburg Heights Chamber is to develop and advance the commercial, industrial, civic, and general interest of the city and its trade area.

Members of the Chamber form a dedicated and aware group of civic-minded business leaders as well as men and women of our local government and community who work together to promote the continual growth and development of Middleburg Heights.

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Dan Zawadzki


Dear Chamber Members,

As we all move forward together into this new environment, our ability to adapt will become imperative.  In years past, we would be exhaling after holding the Big Creek Run and preparing for our involvement in the annual Summer in the City Festival; however, this year had something different in store for us all.  Instead of races, festivals, and parades, we are figuring out how to distance from one another physically, while remaining together as one community.


While it is easy to despair during these times, I would encourage us all to adapt, evolve, and persevere.  At the beginning of every year, I put together an annual business plan for my office that outlines the activities for my entire staff, as well as one for myself for the year.  I can tell you that there is no revising that plan.  It is time to start over.  It doesn’t mean we give up or rationalize why 2020 will be a loss.  It means we look for a way to thrive in this new environment for however long we need to.  The current situation is difficult and far from our typical or ideal situation, but our perseverance needs to be greater.


While it is hard to put a positive spin on the current situation, could you imagine if Covid-19 was Covid-05?  No iPhone, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook or Amazon?  No order online and pick up in store.  Having to wait for someone to get off the house phone (that thing we used to hang on a wall) so you can use your dial up modem to check your AOL email?


Our Chamber will be looking at ways to remain involved and supportive as we move through this together.  Things will change – they must for us to remain relevant.  We will move through this together as a community, whether it is through email, Zoom meetings, or just an old fashion phone call.  We will help our customers and clients, whether it is at the curbside or computer screen.  We will come out of this crisis as we have in the past during wars, depressions and natural disasters; stronger, wiser and more prepared than before.

Best regards,
Alin Catrina
(440) 842-1300
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